For the changemakers.

Tell me, how would social media feel to you if we all were to approach it with awareness and authenticity? Can you imagine what it would be like, if we felt ultimately confident and supported to show up online, as we are? Or what it could look like if we were to share, in the digital landscape, with the same depth and meaning that we know we, and our businesses, are offering our world? 

Selkie Social is a content and social media marketing studio for the changemakers (that’s you). This is where community is cultivated, where dreams are launched, and where our actual essence comes to life in our virtual worlds. I’m Molly Farai. Creative and educator in sustainable and embodied marketing. Get to know me below!


Content Marketing

Evergreen articles, search engine optimisation, email marketing, and opt-in incentives are the foundation to building a lasting and impactful business. I can help you offer valuable content to nurture your relationships with your customers and clients.


Social media Management

I develop strategies and manage social media, focusing on both business values and what your digital data says is best. Learn how I can help you share valuable content to authentically connect with your community.


Consulting sessions

Do you know you have the time to do it yourself, but you just need the guidance to help you get there? Through one-on-one consultations, I can help you find the clarity to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


“I knew Molly was a great fit from the outset. She was enthusiastic about my vision, put together a clear plan, and effortlessly accommodated my unique needs as an artist and sole trader. It is such a joy to work with someone with such skill, passion and clear communication!”

Molly Farai - Ethical Eco Marketer

Let's dance between worlds

I focus on sustainability, honesty, community, and strategy to foster genuine friendships and partnerships through marketing.  My methodology aligns our worlds – the actual and the virtual – for deep fulfilment in business and marketing goals.

Remember: there’s no ‘real’ world vs. online world. It’s all real, and we’re all capable of making a profound, tangible impact wherever we show up.

Whether it’s managing digital marketing and coaching my clients, my approach is human-centred and aims for long term success.

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Marketing with purpose

I am an activist for embodied marketing.
I create content with purpose, sustainably for our businesses, and in a way that feels good for us.

Forget the ‘big marketing secrets you must use now’, ‘top tips’, and ‘essential tools’ – I bring business owners back into their heart and towards greater alignment with their vision to craft marketing methods that work with their message, business, and lifestyles.

If you’re looking for help with creating digital assets and clarifying your messaging, from a marketer who gets it, does the research, and understands social and environmental impact, get in touch.

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