Embodying our truth, towards a world full of more positive social, cultural, and environmental impact.​

Hi there, changemaker! I’m Molly.

I create content and share how to do it with purpose, sustainably for our businesses, and in a way that feels good for us.

Forget the ‘big marketing secrets you must use now’, ‘top tips’ and ‘essential tools’ – I bring business owners back into their heart and towards greater alignment with their vision to craft marketing methods that work for us.

People come to me for help with their digital assets and messaging from  a marketer who gets it, who does the research, and who understands the nuance of positive social and environmental impact.

A bit of my background:

  • B.A., Communication & Media Studies (UWA)
  • Digital Cinematography / Celebrity, Fame & Social Media (UCLA Summer Sessions)
  • Ethical Social Media (USYD)
Ethical and Eco Marketer - Molly Farai

I am an activist for embodied marketing – for ourselves, for our businesses, and for our earth.

I will guide you on your journey towards crafting your online presence in a way that’s authentic to you. I focus on sustainability, honesty, community, and strategy to foster genuine friendships and partnerships, and to align our worlds – the actual and the virtual – for deep fulfilment in business and marketing goals.

Selkie Social - Embodied Marketing

The Studio

Formerly Farai Creative, Selkie Social is a content and social media marketing studio for the changemakers. This is where community is cultivated, where dreams are launched, and where our actual essence comes to life in our virtual worlds.

Freelancing since 2017, I focus on content marketing, social media management, and one-on-one consulting to help business owners and entrepreneurs show up online with confidence and impact.

When managing digital content, my method centres around nurturing relationships with your customers and clients, warmly and informedly transitioning strangers into supporters, and sharing valuable content and conversations.

My approach aims for longevity in business, is trauma-informed, and follows marketing ethics. Click the button below to learn more about the Selkie Social ethos.

Some Fun facts

  • My hobbies include blogging and creating videos on the side, gardening, playing piano, and learning about social impact and environmental sustainability and regeneration.
  • I’m a dual Australian-Irish citizen, a first-generation Australian with deep ancestral roots in both Ireland and England.
  • I’m currently (albeit very slowly) retrofitting and renovating our 60s home in the Fremantle area of Perth, Western Australia.
  • I’m more of a tea than coffee type of person (sorry!). Oat milk chai latte is usually what I’ll go for when meeting my clients at local cafes.
  • If you ever ask me where I got an item of clothing, be prepared for the entire story: from seed to the hands who made it, to how I plan to upcycle it, end-of-life!
  • The beauty of my job is that I can (and do) work from anywhere. It’s part of my mission to pave the way for travel with purpose and I love a good conversation about everyone else’s adventures.
  • I love self-development and have done oodles of courses and workshops in a variety of fields! To this day I still practice meditation and yoga regularly, and thoroughly enjoy self-reflection work and journaling.

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Any questions?

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