Content Marketing.

On my home page, I offer a free download to help you with you your marketing, in exchange for your email address, so I can send you more tips and guides in the future. On this page, I’ve incorporated keywords to help boost my website in search engines. In the footer menu of this website, you’ll find the Selkie Social blog, where I publish articles to explain sustainable and embodied marketing methods, which you can learn from and use for your own business.

This is all content marketing: offering assets I know will be valuable to people visiting my website and social media. Content marketing nurtures your relationships with your customers and clients, and helps to transition strangers into supporters.

My favourite part about content marketing is that the number of assets you offer and the content itself is unique to every business – it can simply start with blogging and optimising your website copywriting, or develop through to a more detailed strategy with multiple offerings to attract the right people at the right time.

I accept content marketing projects on an application basis and create tailored quotes aligned with your business needs. Keep scrolling for more information or click the button to apply.

Perth Content Marketer

Sustainable marketing demands platforms and content that we have total ownership of, so that we can always connect with our customers and clients. It recognises the value of evergreen articles, search engine optimisation, email marketing, and opt-in incentives to build lasting and impactful businesses.

Sustainable Content Marketing

Services Guide

The medium is the message, and I’d recommend at least trialling all of the following formats, over time, as vessels for launching your content into the world. Here’s what I can help with, create, or manage for your business:

  • Blog Posts
  • Copywriting
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • eBooks
  • Digital Downloads
  • Content Marketing Strategies

You can simply pick what you might need from the list, or get in touch for an introductory call and I can help guide you in the right direction.

Curious about prices? Submit your details below to receive access to my pricing guide and base prices for content marketing and social media projects. I’ll also send you updates from Selkie Social and regular tips for sustainable and embodied marketing.

    How it works

    The Process

    Step 01


    After your application has been accepted, I’ll get in touch to organise a quick introduction. During this call or chat, I’ll talk to you about your business hopes, needs, and dreams to understand exactly what you need and the next steps we can take.

    Step 02


    Unless you’ve already got a marketing strategy in place, we’ll organise a 1:1 consultation session to develop the right strategy for your project. You’ll then receive your digital welcome pack consisting of the project proposal, agreement, an information sheet, and any necessary project tools. I’ll then spend some time working on your strategy and deliver that for review before we get started on any digital assets.

    Step 03


    After your feedback on the project strategy, I’ll make any final adjustments and begin creating the deliverables.

    Step 04


    Whether a short term or ongoing project, the delivery stage is where digital assets are finalised and submitted to you for the first round of revisions.

    Step 05


    I welcome your feedback and any requests for the assets I create for your business. This step can be done over email or via video call.

    Step 06


    After the final round of revisions, I publish your content on the appropriate platforms. After the project is complete, or at an appropriate time for ongoing projects, I’ll measure key metrics and present results.

    Ethical Content Marketing

    Is this the right fit for you?

    If you are at all unsure about what you need or what’s involved in a content marketing project, let’s chat! Feel free to send me an email or book an introductory call to explore your questions and develop the best strategy for you and your business.