Sustainability, honesty, community, strategy.​

In marketing, business, and in life, these are the pillars that ground me and, from what I’ve experienced in practice, have been the foundation to goal success in all three areas. Beyond conversions and numbers, I’ve found that these pillars carry the opportunity for fulfilment, genuine friendships and partnerships, and the peace and satisfaction that comes from the perfect alignment between our worlds – business and life, online and offline.



Practicing sustainability in life and business is my forte. I’m talking all pillars: environmental, social, cultural, and economic.

It’s about the small steps and changes we make for a positive ripple in each moment and, when we can, the thundering, collective calls for action.

But let’s not stop there. My approach includes sustainability and beyond – breaking outside the box of simply sustaining our way of life and work, and taking steps to regenerate and restore our energy, our offerings, our messaging, each other, and our environment.

In my marketing method, this not only translates into working with ecopreneurs and businesses who are making a powerful difference through their work, but also through approaching social media and content in a way that makes room for sustainable business growth, and longevity.

Regarding impact, here are a few things you should know:

  • I’m an anti-greenwashing and anti-goodwashing marketer, which means that I will ask tough questions to my clients about their impact and supply chain, and refuse to make any environmental, social, cultural, or diversity claims that I believe to be false. I follow the Australian Green Marketing Guidelines and the UK’s Green Claims Code.
  • I’m also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means 1% of my yearly revenue is donated to support non-profit organisations focused on helping the environment. 
  • This website is hosted with GreenGeeks (affiliate link) and is therefore carbon-reducing. For every amperage GreenGeeks pulls from the grid, they invest 3 times that in the form of renewable energy.
  • In business and in life, I’m working towards climate-positivity (a big goal, I know). You can read more about my environmental and social impact work and activism on my personal blog.
  • I’m working to have Selkie Social B Corp certified by March 2023.
Sustainable Business Marketer



There is no sustainability without transparency.

I’m an advocate for honesty in messaging, with our communities, and with ourselves. As creators in the digital world, honesty is about being clear about how what we create and sell is made, about our intentions and motivations, and who or what we’re promoting.

As a business owner, I believe that honesty with ourselves and our communities is powerful. We create a deeper, more trusting relationship with our community when we own up to being misinformed or when we practice vulnerability and share when we’ve made a mistake. Our community feels safe to participate when open discussions are encouraged and when we embody being a receptive listener and helping hand.

Honesty with ourselves, on the other hand, is transformational, particularly when approaching business marketing. Throughout my marketing process (however more thoroughly in consulting sessions), I encourage you to reflect on your purpose, values, vision, and messaging to further align your marketing with your brand and business. Honesty with ourselves is the first step to sharing and creating more authentically.



Followers, engagers, readers, visitors, customers, clients – what do they all have in common?


Community will always be key, and this is why I focus on person to person interaction in marketing and cultivating genuine relationships with the people who stumble upon our businesses. No bots – because at the end of the day, real people rule.

My approach when it comes to cultivating community goes as follows:

1. Converse. Comment, chat, and share meaningful conversations with those who move or inspire you.

2. Collaborate. Working together and elevating other people in a similar position to you is wonderful for building new relationships (this is about equal give and receive, not about asking for free work).

3. Celebrate. Amplifying other people’s work (not because you have to, but because you want to), taking part in important community events, and supporting your community when they have a big win!

Sustainable Social Media Strategy



The keystone for sustainable and effective marketing is a plan of action that works for each unique business. Strategy is usually the first thing I’ll dive into on social media and content marketing projects because it provides guidance for every piece of content that comes afterwards.

Marketing strategies don’t have to be confusing and technical. A good strategy will clarify creative direction, motivate consistent creation, and outline precise steps to take to achieve your business and marketing goals.

I often come across great content that fails to cut through the noise, which is where strategy can help. If you’re looking for a method that works for you, I also offer standalone strategies to help with growth, engagement, and consistency on social media and websites. Get in touch here to learn more.