Why your sustainable business needs to join these 5 online directories

When sustainable businesses begin their online marketing journey, the one hurdle I’ve noticed is the struggle to be seen, especially by the right audience.

With so much content and clutter in search engines, it can be tricky to know how and where to place our businesses online, so we can be found and shared more easily.

Don’t be the business owner solely focused on social media (as fun and important as it is!) that you overlook other vital and evergreen marketing opportunities.

Listing yourself on online directories and marketplaces is a great strategy that is so often forgotten about. Aside from boosting your business name in search engines, here are some other benefits of joining online directories:

  1. The directory website is already set up – there is little to no admin work for you to do!
  2. Their purpose is to work on their marketing for you and advertise your business on your behalf, which means more traffic to your website and social media.
  3. With sustainable directories, they have a niche audience already perfectly aligned with your business. It’s now your job to sign up and tap into that.

Beyond advertising your business to the right audience, directories are also a great way to find businesses with shared values and interests, and are a great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded business owners.

Keep reading for some of my favourite sustainable directories.

Green Friday Sustainable Business Directory

Green Friday

Up-and-coming Sydney-based platform, Green Friday, originated as a movement to flip the narrative on the mass overconsumption that occurs during sales periods.

In 2022, Green Friday hosted a 4-day retail event, that allowed Australian consumers to shop sustainability-focused deals and ethical offers. The event featured over 150+ ethical and sustainable Australian retailers and brands.

Moving forward from this successful event, Green Friday now have over 150 brands on their platform, are focusing on creating more opportunities for brands to participate in their sustainability-focused online events, and are creating a year-round presence for brands on their platform.

While Green Friday have paid placements for online events, you can join their platform for free.

Check out their website: https://www.greenfriday.com.au/
Sign up to their platform: https://www.greenfriday.com.au/partner
Greenfinder Australian Business Directory


For Australian green businesses, Greenfinder is a popular platform with 36 categories and almost 12,000 Australian sustainable companies listed. They also offer options for offsetting your carbon emissions and advertising options ranging from $28 to $98 AUD per month.

Check out their website: https://www.greenfinder.com.au/
Sign up to their platform: https://www.greenfinder.com.au/add-business.aspx
Figtree Eco-friendly Directory


If you’re looking to boost your PR and get seen by influencers and media in sustainability, Figtree is a must! This communications platform fosters connections between brands, marketers, media and influencers in the sustainability community. As a member of Figtree, you can view an extensive directory of brands, media and influencers, publish requests and opportunities and keep in the loop with the latest news, events and key dates.

Figtree has a basic, free plan and, for additional access and opportunities, a premium plan at £15 per month or £150 per year.

Check out their website: https://figtree.earth
Sign up to their platform: https://figtree.earth/join/
Ekko World Green Directory


I have been listed on Ekko for years and I especially love their ‘Ekko Score’, which is their system to score products listed based on their 10 Environmental and Societal factors. Ekko currently has almost 23,000 traders in 25 categories, and they also offer a map search function to discover local businesses, as well as thousands of articles to help with sustainable living.

Ekko.world is free.

Check out their website: https://ekko.world/
Sign up to their platform: https://ekko.world/add-your-eco-biz/
Sustainable Business Guide

The Sustainable Business Guide

Launched in 2023, the Sustainable Business Guide (or “SBG” for short) is a global directory featuring sustainable businesses, brands, items, and events. Their mission is to make it easier and less stressful to find eco-friendly businesses and items. I’m proud to announce Selkie Social is partnering with them!

The SBG was founded by Macaila Britton, a soon-to-be debut author and environmental advocate. She started the SBG after feeling so overwhelmed by all of the sustainable information out there. Plus, her computer sounded like it was about to take flight from having a bunch of tabs open as she scoured the web for sustainable brands and businesses. One day, she had enough, closed tabs of research, and decided to create the Sustainable Business Guide. A source for everything to be in one place.

SBG impact and alignment:

The Sustainable Business Guide is committed to adhering to and furthering the progress of The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically goals 8, 12, 13, and 17.

Directory listings on SBG are free but require access to join the business of interest’s affiliate program. You can get in touch with SBG for advertising placement packages.

Check out their website:  https://www.thesustainablebusinessguide.com/  
Learn about their impact: https://thesustainablebusinessguide.com/impact/
Sign up to their platform:   https://thesustainablebusinessguide.com/contact/

Have you signed up to any of these platforms? What other sustainable directories is your business listed on? What has been your experience? I’d love to know!

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